If you ever wondered where Divas come from, it's Philadelphia. Because that's where the lovely Ms. Kia Green was born and raised. She attended the Philadelphia High School for Creative and Performing Arts where she studied Classical Ballet, Modern Jazz and African Dance. Apparently she couldn't make up her mind, so the girl just did it all. Kia has danced professionally for Jon Bon Jovi's Philadelphia Soulmates Dance Team, the Arena Football League, as well as for a bunch of other well-known entertainers that I won't list here. Because I'm making this about me. LOL.

I met Kia in the middle of my 2006-2007 Dedicated Tour when she stepped in to replace another dancer who had dropped out. It was during this tour that I suffered a huge blow to my career which tested our relationship, but ended up bringing Kia and me closer together.

Along with her extensive career in dance, Ms. Green is a proven visionary, strategic leader and passionate woman who, with her tenacity, profound dedication and genuine compassion (I'm seriously not kissing her ass here), founded Building Futures Incorporated (BFI), a nonprofit organization established to empower and educate at-risk youth and young adults.

Kia has a lot to say and will not be messed with! Don't mistake her small frame for weakness. This girl has strength and power for days... Hontey!

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