Now I get to talk about me (finally!) I'm going to refer to myself in the third person because I like to pretend I'm royalty. Kidding! (Dario never kids.)

I'm a native of beautiful Tucson, Arizona where I started singing and dancing at the age of three because what the hell else is there to do in the desert? I participated in numerous local competitions and talent shows but got my first big break at the "Search for Stardom" convention which got the attention of two independent record companies. My career took off from there putting me on the cover of entertainment magazines, multitudes of TV appearances, touring the country seven times and attending red-carpet events such as the Grammy's and the American Music Awards.

And then the s*#t hit the fan. About five years ago I lost everything, due to mismanagement of my career. I was left with nothing but my name and my desire to perform. People think that just because I've had success and became a public figure that I'm rich and everything is perfect, and that is not the case! But the hell if I'm gonna let that keep me down. The experience grounded me, no doubt, but I've never given up. And now I'm setting out to prove that I've still got what it takes to make it in this business.

If I can share anything through my struggle, it's that no matter who you are, where you come from, or what you want in life, you can succeed if you believe in yourself. And for those times you doubt yourself, get friends like mine. Because without them, I couldn't do any of this.



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