About "Dario Undiscovered"

"Dario Undiscovered" is an up-close-and-personal look at the journey of Dario, a self-made recording artist with a flamboyant style and a flair for in-your-face hilarity. While Dario has sold thousands of records in his career, he's faced nearly insurmountable obstacles in his ongoing struggle to achieve mainstream success in the capricious music business. In "Dario Undiscovered," he sets out to take the popular music scene by storm—for good this time.

"Dario Undiscovered" is an empowering and inspiring reality show in which this aspiring star and lovable personality not only invites fans and viewers to come along on his musical journey, but also reveals his candid off-stage life. You'll meet his closest friends and primary support system—the effervescent Lisette, Kia, and Teisha—as well as his various business connections through interviews, confessions and uncensored day-to-day encounters.

In addition to witnessing Dario's journey in real time, viewers will learn about the pressures that led to his traumatic breakdown and subsequent hiatus from music—which occurred just as he was on the cusp of breaking into the mainstream music market. Will Dario triumph—or get fed up and quit the music business once and for all?

This fun-filled show appeals to anyone who's ever heard Dario's beautiful voice, been moved by his edgy live performances, or inspired by his strides to lend a voice to others trying to reach their own goals. Everyone out there chasing big dreams needs to see how Dario finds his way in an industry that has knocked him down—but not out. Above all, "Dario Undiscovered" aims to serve as a positive and inspiring example of how to stay true to oneself while achieving incredible success!